Featured international speakers

Augustus D. Mazzocca (Orthopedic Surgeon - Shoulder and Elbow specialist) - USA

Dr. Mazzocca is a professor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at UConn Health and Team Physician for the UConn athletic teams.

Patrick A. Smith (Orthopedic Surgeon - Knee and Shoulder specialist) - USA

Dr. Smith is member of the Columbia Orthopaedic Group, Director of the Division of Sports Medicine at the University of Missouri and Team Physician for the University of Missouri athletic department. Member of the ACL Study Group.

Willem van der Merwe (Orthopedic Surgeon - Knee specialist) - South Africa

Dr. van der Merwe work at the Vincent Pallotti Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa and is President of South African Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine. Member of the ACL Study Group.

And more:

Ankle - Jouko Kivioja, Jon Karlsson, Peter Wange, Peter Drugge

Knee - Roland Thomee, Anders Stålman, Kristian Samuelsson, Erik Rönnblad

FIFA - Anne Fältström, Clare Arden, Arthur Cheng, Magnus Forssblad

Shoulder - Mikael Etzner, Annelies Maenhout(Belgium), Kajsa Johansson

Elbow/Wrist - Mikael Etzner, Lars Adolfsson, Per-Mats Janarv (childrens elbow)

Physiology - Karin Larsén, Lisbeth Wikström Frisén, Niklas Psilander

Cartilage and training - Eva Moström Bengtsson, Roland Thomée