Preliminary program
8th Stockholm Arthroscopy & Sports Conference

Thursday  17th October 

KNEE – Meniscus & Cartilage 8.30-10.00

How to repair root lesions – Roland Becker

Ramp Lesions in ACL Injured Patients – Anders Stålman

Does it matter how we stress a repaired meniscus? – Erik Rönnblad

Restoration and preservation of the damaged joint – Mats Brittberg


Coffee 10.00-10.30


KNEE – 10.30-12.00

How to handle posterior lateral meniscus lesions in an acute ACL ruptured knee – Roland Becker

Risk Factors for Persistent Laxity After Primary ACL Reconstruction – Riccardo Cristiani

Do We Need Extra-Articular Reconstructive Surgery? Biomechanics of the Anterolateral Structures of the Knee. – Eivind Inderhaug

Outcomes following ACL reconstruction: The tension cohort study – Braden Fleming


Lunch 12.00-13.00


KNEE – ACL 13.00-14.30

Is Quadriceps tendon a better graft choice than Patellar tendon and/or Hamstringsgraft? – Peter Faunø

Why should we use the Quadriceps tendon graft? – and how I use it. – Mikael Östin

Bridge Enhanced ACL Repair:  From Concept to Clinical Trials (30min) – Martha Murray

How should we treat a partial ACL rupture? – Björn Engström




Knee Dislocation – The Multiligament Injured Knee

Lars Engebretsen, Oslo, Norway


Coffee  15.00-15.30


FIFA 15.30-16.30

Chelsea Experience – Pierre Rotzius

MR approach to assess the integrity of healing ligaments and grafts in vivo: Implications to guide rehabilitation and return to play – Braden Fleming

10 year follow up of ACL injuries in Football players – Alexander Sandon

Which ACL graft should we use in young fooball players? – Magnus Forssblad


 17.30 8th Stockholm Arthroscopy & Sports Conference Dinner


Friday  18th October

Combined with STMS World Congress (before lunch)

Welcome and Introduction 

08:00 Neeru Jayanthi, MD President STMS, Fredrik Johansson, PhD and Johanna Adami, Professor Sophiahemmet


Presidential aspects of tennis medicine and science: Moderator Babette Pluim, MD

08:10 Historical view in tennis. Past President keynote: Per Renström, MD ”Merging of tennis medicine”

08:30 Presidential keynote: Neeru Jayanthi, MD: ”Are we developing tennis players the right way? Balancing health risks and performance”

08:50 Presidential keynote discussion: Per Renström, MD and Neeru Jayanthi, MD


Shoulder Symposium Part 1: The challenges of the overhead athlete.

Moderators: David Dines MD, Björn Engström, MD

09:00 Gary Windler, MD: Why the shoulder s:ll is such a huge poten:al problem in overhead sports?

09:30 David Dines, MD:  Current Concepts in the management of overhead athletes


Coffee 10.00-10.30


Shoulder Symposium Part 2: The challenges of the overhead athlete.

10:30 Ann Cools, PhD: Early rehabilitation of the painful shoulder.

10:50 Ewa Heidvall, PT: Rehab of the high performance overhead athlete, how much is enough in load

11:10 Todd Ellenbecker, PT, ATC: Return to tennis competition after a shoulder injury.

11:30 Panel discussion part 1 and 2


Lunch 12.00-13.00


KNEE – 13.00-14.00 

The treatment of Patellar instability – My opinion – Martin Lind

Kids ACL injuries – Peter Faunø

Free rehabilitation is safe after isolated meniscus repair – Martin Lind


Coffee 14.00-14.30


ELBOW & SHOULDER – 14.30-15.30 

Arthroscopic Treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis: Tenotomy Versus Debridemen – Eivind Inderhaug

AC-joint instability – Helena Boström Windhamre