Information surgery for children (english version)

Information prior to surgery for children. You and your child are welcome to surgery at Capio Ear Nose Throat Globen Arena Road 21 , level 8.

Cancellation of surgery
If offered the day of operation does not fit, contact us as soon as possible by phone 08-120 544 72 (monday-thursday 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00. Friday 9-12:00). If absent visit you be charged 350 SEK.


Food and drink
The child must not eat any solid food after  02:00am on the night of the day of surgery. The reason for this is that the stomach must be empty when the child is anesthetized.  Up to 2 hours before you come to the surgery, the child is allowed to drink one glass of water or clear juice, but they must not drink juice with pulp or milk products.


Preparations at home
Children under 7 years need no topical anesthetic, so called Emla, before surgery, when the little kids are anesthetized on mask before they get stung. If your child is between 7-15 years so you get together to decide on Emla needed. If the child wants stunning before pinprick, you are buying 2 pieces EMLA patch without prescription at the pharmacy that you put on the baby just before you go to surgery. The one set back of the hand and the other into your armpit, preferably over a visible vein. It does not matter which arm or if there will be one on each side. Almost all children receive pain relief with Alvedon and Ipren after surgery. Buy before surgery oral solution / suppository / tablet. Any earrings, piercings, makeup and nail polish should be removed at home prior to arrival in theater.


The child will have their own clothing during surgery and therefore should wear clean, soft, comfortable clothing with short sleeves. Bring a change of clothes for the baby.


Your child may not have any infection, fever, sore throat or cold at the day of surgery. During a cold or other infection call immediately and consult a doctor or nurse on the telephone 08-120 544 72.        


If your child is taking medications regularly, you should previously have been advised by your treating doctor which medications you should take the day of surgery. If the child uses inhalations, please take those medicines in the morning of surgery and bring them to the surgery. Non-prescription medications containing aspirin (Treo, aspirin, Aspirin, Aspirin), and anti-inflammatory drugs (Diclofenac, Voltaren, Ipren, Ibumetin) increases the risk of bleeding during surgery. Your child should refrain from these medications at least one week before surgery. It's fine to take Alvedon or Panodil.                        


Leave valuables and jewelry at home. You get access to a locker where you can lock up your clothes etc. Bring your favorite toy and something to read while waiting.

There are many children who undergo surgery the same day. Therefore, only one parent to be on the day of surgery. For privacy reasons and because limited space, other relatives do not sit there and wait during the operation. Operation time you received is approximate and delays can occur.


The staff at Capio ENT