Operation of Nasal Septum

The nose is comprised of 2 cavities with a dividing wall (septum) between. The goal of this operation is to create a more even flow of air through the left and right nostrils. The operation is carried out because the septum is crooked and is performed under anaesthesia. The risks involved are small. An infection, which will require treatment with antibiotics can occur, and also a hole can be created in the septum. If you are male and have a moustache, you should cut it short (not shave it) in order to decrease the risk of infection. The operation is carried out through the nostrils and there are no scars on the skin. The septum is moved to the centre of the nasal cavity. The appearance of the nose remains the same, and your sense of smell remains unaffected. During the operation two small pieces of plastic are placed in the nasal cavity to support the septum. We will also place an air tube and a cloth dressing in each nostril.

After the operation:

You will be able to go home the same afternoon. We suggest you sleep with your head slightly raised and that you do not sleep on your stomach.

The day after the operation:

Take out the air tubes and cloth dressings (this means the plastic remains in place). After the operation the nose will be a little tender and crusts and fluid will form in the nose. Avoid picking your nose and blowing it excessively. If you have a tendency to sneeze frequently you can prevent this by biting your tongue. It is quite common to feel slightly numb in the upper lip and upper teeth for a while. You may use over-the-counter nasal spray for the first week after the operation. Avoid contact sports for the first month. If you develop a fever, redness or a throbbing pain you should contact us.

Sick Leave:

After the operation you will be given sick leave for 10-14 days.

Follow up:

After 1 week you will be given a return appointment in order to remove the plastic in your nostrils. Take 2 Alvedon tablets 1 hours before coming to the appointment. After this it is possible that small threads will exit from the right nostril.


If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us

 Call ENT-reception: 019-21 79 75.

Please save this information sheet until the operation.