Operation of the Nasal Turbinates

Inside the nose there are the nasal turbinates which are made of a thin bone covered with a mucous membrane. In order to increase the flow of air through the nose and decrease nasal stuffiness, some of these structures can be removed, on one or both sides.

The operation is carried out either under local or general anaesthesia. You will be given a relaxing injection and some tablets to diminish bleeding. After that, a local anaesthetic will be injected in the nose. With scissors and pincers some of the nasal turbinates will then be removed. Finally a dressing and some material to stop bleeding is inserted into the nose. You will then rest for a couple of hours so we can keep an eye on you.

You may not drive a car home yourself after the operation and you should take it easy the first few days after the operation.

You will be given a prescription for Cyklo-F and you should continue to take the tablets as instructed until the package is finished. This is in order to help prevent bleeding after the operation. On the morning after the operation you should take three Cyklo-F tablets. Wait for one hour, and then remove the dressing in your nose while leaning over a basin. You may experience a little bleeding but this normally stops after a few minutes. Afterwards a small, gelatinous lump will be expelled. This may drop into the back of the throat but it’s quite alright if you happen to swallow it.

Should the bleeding continue, apply a cold, wet towel to your forehead. If this is not effective then you may call us on our emergency line at 019-21 79 24.

Sick Leave:

Normally a few days sick leave should be sufficient.

Return visit:

You will be given a return appointment to visit us after one week.


If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us

 Call ENT-reception: 019-21 79 75.

Please save this information sheet until the operation